Experiments in the Kitchen

As a newly appointed Housewife (I retired early, at age 24) I have ample enough time on my hands to perfect a craft.  Or in my case a couple crafts, but we’ll get to that later.

Craft #1 to perfect: The Art of Cooking

Turns out I’ve always been a pretty good baker, but cooking meals has historically been my husband’s domain.  Time to be greedy, and take that away.

I subscribe to a gluten free (it’s a raw deal MUST) diet, as well as a predominately Paleo lifestyle.  I do give one meal a week little dairy allowance.

Some of the things you’ll see here are also just strictly for my hubby. He’s able to eat whatever he chooses WANTS.

So not fair. K.

Keep your eyes open for all the yumminess that’s soon to ensue.


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